Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Special Introductory Offer

Home is where the heart is
This is where the start is
Take a lot of love and a little change
A little imagination, then rearrange
Your home will dazzle before your eyes
Let me work with you
To give you a surprise.
for Aimee`

My daughter Aimee` has long had a talent to create masterpieces out of a hank of cloth, some furniture, imagination and elbow grease. She is a brand new mother again, after both of her children graduated. You've seen her daughter Faith on my blog pages and have prayed for her recovery. She is home and healthy. We are blessed and thankful, and Aimee` is now trying to give birth again, this time to her dream, one of home decorating. Her intro offer is a room make over for $100. We will soon be posting the results. Stay tuned.

Thank you for your visit. Take care and God bless!!


  1. wow!! lots going on...congrats to your daughter and all of you...and good luck in this new venture!

  2. Annmarie, thanks so much.


    Judy & Aimee`

  3. i love your poem, Judy, and good luck to your daughter's home decorating, and thanks for sharing this, so many possibilities we can do indeed if we take time to work on them.


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